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Views sought on cycle highways in London that protect vulnerable road users

Transport for London (TfL) is inviting the general public to have their say on the improvements that will protect vulnerable road users.

Under the proposals, there are 3.8km of improvements that will result in transformation of neighbourhoods between Wood Lane and Notting Hill Gate, providing pedestrians and cyclists with a much more pleasant, healthy and safer space.

Vulnerable road users require protection from the traffic in London; the capital is working towards this with its Vision Zero commitment.

Cycle highways are a huge part of this, coupled with the fact west London is an area of high demand for active travel.

Proposed changes will upgrade public spaces and pedestrian crossings; a new two-way segregated cycle track will keep people cycling and ensure separation from motor traffic.

Safety is a priority too, with changes expected to some bus stop locations, as well as new bus stop bypasses for those who are cycling.

In addition, some side roads will become entry or exit only so that the safe and timely movement of traffic can be guaranteed.

Will Norman is London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner. He said that the planned improvements not only give pedestrians and cyclists a clear and defined path to use, but they also improve safety and reduce pollution – two more of London’s core aims.

He said: “These improvements would enable many more people to walk and cycle, which is vital to reduce car use and clean up London’s toxic air.

“By creating new pedestrian crossings, moving bus stops to better locations and making it safer to cycle, we will make streets much more accessible and welcoming for everyone who lives, works or visits the area.”

The consultation is open to the public from 12 June onwards, and the improvements will complement other cycleways that are being constructed in the capital.

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