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[VIDEO] Network Rail make progress on South West’s Victorian tunnels

As part of Network Rail’s latest ‘week on the network’, the owner and infrastructure manager of Great Britain’s railways has published a video detailing its work, including the progress made on the Victorian tunnels in South West England.

More than 500 tonnes of old ballast were moved from Marley tunnel in Devon, while improvements were also made to Whiteball Tunnel walls to improve reliability.

Elsewhere, the footage shows the “vital improvements” made on the Preston to Blackpool line, including 100 metres of new track and electrical switches – part of the ongoing drive towards electrification – with an end result of more reliable railways in Lancashire.

The work on the Victorian tunnels is vital, according to Scott Pillinger, programme manager for Network Rail, in ensuring “the continued safe running of the railway.”

He said: “We will be utilising robots to reline the walls of Whiteball Tunnel to safeguard against brick fall and future deterioration; once complete, this will ensure that the tunnel is fit for purpose for at least the next 100 years.”

This development is one of a number highlighted in the video, courtesy of Network Rail.

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