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UITP Global Transport Summit: Secretary General's preview - part two
UITP Global Transport Summit: Secretary General's preview - part two

UITP Global Transport Summit: Secretary General’s preview – part two

The UITP Global Transport Summit is almost upon us.

As the largest event dedicated to sustainable mobility, the summit is a significant event in the transport sector’s calendar.

Taking place between 9 – 12 June, the event will showcase the very best on offer for sustainable and urban mobility. 

The UITP’s Secretary General is Mohamed Mezghani; he has previewed the Global Transport Summit, the first part of which is here

And now, here is the remainder of the in-depth preview. 

What makes Stockholm the best host for this edition? And what can you tell us about UITP’s relationship with 2019 local host SL?

Stockholm is a great city to host the next UITP Summit. It has so much on offer – from being considered the safest city in Europe, to being the second most connected city in the world. Its urban mobility policy is a model in its kind with a balanced urban planning, a multimodal public transport network and car traffic restrictions (with the congestion pricing scheme for example). It also perfectly showcases art in public transport. Our relationship with SL is very strong, we work closely on the Summit. Moreover, our members in the Nordic Countries are actively partnering with SL making the Summit a highlight not only for Sweden but also for Finland, Iceland, Norway and Denmark. UITP only goes to cities with members and committed hosts. We don’t want to organise the Summit alone – and as a member-led global association, we don’t have to! In fact our relationship with the local member host is so strong that we’ve always co-hosted with a member since the first edition in 1886!

There will be hundreds of exhibitors, speakers and delegates, as well as thousands of visitors, in attendance over the three days of the Summit. What can they expect to see and experience?

They can expect the opportunity to share the latest public transport developments from over the world. The sector is changing and these changes will be discussed, alongside the challenges we face. There’s a great deal going on in public transport. We have the growing development of new players, the growth of shared mobility, on-demand modes and more. Digitalisation is also changing the sector and needs to continue to be discussed. It’s important to all meet together to share the experiences of change with members. All of this will be covered at the Summit – to share, and learn is very important. There’s the also the chance to meet and to listen to many high-level speakers. In fact we have more than 100 CEOs from transport bodies speaking in Stockholm.

What do you hope they take away from this edition?

The attendees can learn from the experience of who will be speaking and exhibiting. The networking opportunities are also very important, and there’s many on offer during the Summit. UITP organises many, as do our sponsors and our exhibitors. I would say that the Summit is best the way to develop your business by the numerous chances on offer to network. It’s also the chance to take distance from daily work – everyone in the sector is very busy all year and this is the chance to realise what is happening and how they can develop their business and come to see the public transport and urban mobility debate first hand.

UITP announced last year that the 2021 UITP Summit will be heading to Melbourne, Australia (June 6-9, 2021).  It will be the first time in almost 30 years that your pillar event will be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Is UITP already planning the 2021 edition?

The UITP Summit was last hosted in the Southern Hemisphere when it was held in Sydney, Australia almost 30 years ago. We actually begin organising the next Summit during the host selection process. We discuss with the three candidates (three host candidates are always in the final running). Before we select the host city, we discuss details and have an idea on what the event will look like in the prospective cities: the specifics, the challenges, and the progress to be made. We also leave flexibility to adapt the event to the needs of our members, and also in the market in the coming months and years. Therefore we start to organise immediately after the host selection – for Melbourne in 2021, this was in June 2018 when we announced the winning bid to become the next host city. We already have a great deal of support from PTV, the local host, and also many local players. Several global players have already shown an interest at this stage. UITP ANZ is a partner association of UITP, so having UITP ANZ down under is a massive asset to us on the ground. The support is very important.

And finally, can you tell our readers in one sentence why they should come to the UITP Summit?

There’s so much to say about the UITP Global Public Transport Summit that you will have to kindly allow me a lengthy sentence!…

The UITP Summit is the unique opportunity to learn from peers and to see the latest technological developments first hand; to see high level speakers show commitment to public transport and sustainable mobility and to interact in a friendly environment by having fun in a very nice city like Stockholm and enjoy its white nights! I hope to see all of you join us there in June.


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