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Democratising Transport™

Transreport provides the latest technologies that allows transport operators to better understand the needs of their passenger. We believe that people influence change, every opinion matters and that passengers should have a voice. Our vision is to democratise transport. Through our smart apps, passenger’s issues, concerns and requirements are instantly presented to train operators, quite simply, for a better journey.

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Transreport is working with the Rail Delivery Group to roll out the new Passenger Assist system across the entire U.K. rail industry. Passengers will now be able to book assistance in a much simpler and more reliable way, without the need to spend excessive amounts of time filling in repetitive forms and making long phone calls. The new Passenger Assist mobile app will allow users to accurately convey their specific accessibility requirements to the station staff throughout their journey in real-time. Book assistance in a few simple clicks; a seamless user process for a better journey.

Transreport is working with government bodies such as the Office of Rail and Road and Department for Transport, as well as disability charities and organisations to ensure that the app meets a diverse range of accessibility standards. The Passenger Assist staff app provides station staff with the accurate and real-time information that they need to help deliver world-leading customer experience. Passengers will now have the assurance that someone will be waiting for them at the right place and at the right time, giving them the confidence to travel more independently.

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The Transreport Defect Report app is a tool that allows passengers to communicate directly with the rail operator regarding a problem on-board a train or at a rail station, for example an overflowing bin, toilet not working or faulty Wi-Fi. Simply take a picture or leave a comment and the app automatically works out the exact train and carriage which the report was sent from, allowing rail operators to resolve the issue and leave feedback for customers whilst minimising their operational time and costs. A few simple clicks within the Transreport app to report any issues or concerns throughout your journey.


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