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Transport Strategy from City of London Corporation 'not feasible'
Transport Strategy from City of London Corporation 'not feasible'

Transport Strategy from City of London Corporation ‘not feasible’

The proposals set out to introduce a zero emission zone in London are ‘not feasible’ according to a leading transport association.

Earlier in October, the City of London Corporation launched its Transport Strategy to set out a 25-year framework for the management of streets on the Square Mile.

These include a number of different initiatives, such as the introduction of a City-wide speed limit of 15mph, as part of the ongoing battle to achieve Vision Zero and reduce the number of road-related deaths in the capital.

the proposals outline the City of London’s ambition to be pioneers in the UK for a zero emission future; as part of this, a large scale zero emission zone that covers central London has been championed.

However, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is apprehensive about the desire to introduce a zone dedicated to zero emission when the climate where this would be beneficial to all is still not here; the FTA believe suitable vehicles to achieve this aim are not yet commercially viable.

And the Association’s Policy Manager for Vans and Urban Transport, Denise Beedell responded to the proposals by questioning whether or not zero emission zones are yet viable.

“These proposals showcase the City of London’s long term and serious commitment to improving air quality and road safety, both of which are of the utmost importance to FTA and its members.

“While we applaud many aspects of the proposals – such as priority parking access for commercial vehicles – there are several other areas that need reconsidering.

“The flagship initiative of the scheme is the introduction of a zero emission zone covering the east of the City and the Barbican area by 2022.

“This is a premature move – zero emission vehicles are currently not commercially viable and greater investment is needed into their development.

“While FTA notes the proposals include a potential charging hub, a nationwide infrastructure strategy is needed for its long term feasibility.”


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