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Transport sector drive for new apprentices
Transport sector drive for new apprentices

Transport sector drive for new apprentices

Businesses involved in the transport sector are set to benefit from an influx of new apprentices, thanks to a drive by the Heathrow Employment & Skills Academy.

It is a prescient day to discuss such choices, with A-level results published today and the Academy is marking the day with an event to show why transport apprenticeships provide an exciting career path.

Supporting Heathrow-based employers in recruitment, training and development of candidates, Heathrow Academy can provide skilled staff for engineering, construction, aviation, business administration and other industries through their variety of skills.

This will clearly help with the skills shortage that many sectors are suffering from – construction, for example, is one where these issues have been well documented.

Not only that, Heathrow Academy will also highlight the benefits of pursuing careers in these skilled fields.

Transport Minister, John Hayes, was on hand to meet with apprentices, who told him what inspired them to go down this route of employment.

And Mr Hayes spoke about how vital these schemes are, given the many infrastructure projects in the pipeline.

He said: “What could be more exciting than playing a part in building Britain’s future? That is the golden opportunity for young people who make a career in transport their choice.

“To meet with apprentices who share that excitement and are enthusiastic about the skills they are gaining, is an inspiration.

“Up to 35,000 apprenticeship opportunities are set to be created in road and rail in the next five years, and the proposed expansion of Heathrow has the potential to create a further 10,000 apprenticeships across the country.

“Each apprenticeship will change lives and nourish life chances.

“Today’s apprentices will build tomorrow’s vital transport infrastructure and I urge still more people to consider embarking on such exciting and rewarding careers.”

It really is a great time to work in transport, when you consider the government’s commitment to road upgrades and the billions of pounds worth of contracts on HS2, while Crossrail continues to thrive.

For these schemes – and the ones that follow to be successful – skilled workers are a necessity and apprenticeships can help fill these voids.

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