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Transport investment strategy revealed
Transport investment strategy revealed

Transport investment strategy revealed

The government’s transport investment strategy has been set out today in a written statement to Parliament by Chris Grayling.

In the document, the Transport Secretary outlines how this strategy will add to the ‘significant progress’ already made in government plans for transport infrastructure which has seen a commitment to spending in excess of £21 billion in the five years to 2021.

Following major decisions on such as approving plans for a third runway at Heathrow and the ambitious HS2 project, Mr Grayling said this transport investment strategy “will shape the transport network for decades to come and help to determine the contribution that transport can make to our national success and wellbeing.”

The strategy will tackle roads across the country that will help to rebalance the economy, so infrastructure spending won’t be focused on the south east.

One of the major investments will be on a major new road network that will allow local authorities to either improve or replace their most problematic A roads.

Funding for this will come from a share of the National Road Fund, which is supplemented by vehicle and excise duty.

The transport investment strategy’s commitment to a new major road network will take away the likelihood of traffic using rural roads, because traffic jams will be alleviated.

This will not only improve connectivity and productivity between towns and cities across the country.

As a result, businesses will benefit too because their employees will find it easier to get to and from work thanks to this greater connectivity.

Chris Grayling said this ‘crucial’ strategy will also “support the government’s modern industrial strategy.”

He said: “Getting transport spending right is crucial for the country’s future.

“The transport investment strategy sets out a blueprint for how we can harness the power of transport investment to drive balanced economic growth, unlock new housing projects and support the government’s modern industrial strategy.

“This government is taking the big transport decisions for Britain’s future like HS2 and Heathrow, while delivering the biggest investment in roads and rail for a generation.

“At the heart of our approach is a plan to make transport work for the people who use it and for the wider economy.”

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