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Traditional Windows – Modern Twist

Living in an older style property has many benefits – but energy leaking windows isn’t one of them. Rotten wooden frames, rusty metal frames, single paned glass rattling in the wind, gaps that whistle and howl, and practically drip your cash into the environment beyond – these are all aspects you could do without.

However, one thing most people agree about traditional windows is that they fit the look of the house, and installing modern ones would interfere with both the interior and exterior façade.

So what do you do?

Sacrifice your hard-earned money to keep your house looking as if it all belongs in the same era, or downgrade your standards for the sake of saving what could be a substantial amount of money?

We have the answer…

Traditional Windows and Doors – Made With Modern Materials

In this age of progress, it is entirely possible to have modern windows that work well on old buildings, without making everyone stare and say – “Wow, those windows just don’t fit that building!”

Our new heritage ranges have been introduced that fit both criteria; they possess all the properties of the 21st century window but the beauty and grace that befits days gone by.

From Steel to Aluminium Frames

Aluminium, for example, is being utilised effectively to replicate steel-framed windows, making them suitable for heritage and modern projects.

The classic style seen in this range is normally fully acceptable in conservation areas, where tighter planning laws are in place to ensure a like-for-like replacement.

They can also be designed to mimic existing styles, and complement steel doors and features already in situ, while offering all the energy benefits of the modern aluminium window.

Tailor-Made Traditional Style Aluminium Windows and Doors

A real benefit of modern heritage windows is they can be tailor-made to fit any specification. So, whatever the style of your property, these windows can be designed to subtly match the original design, while staying in keeping with the overall character.

The Hidden Extras (spoiler – they’re all benefits!)

However, hidden beneath the aged façade, you will be enjoying all the extras afforded by the most advanced windows going. With heat retention properties, security features and high quality as standard, having traditional windows need no longer be a drag on your cash.

Combined with either classic or decorative panes, modern heritage windows not only offer something to look through, but also something to gaze at.

So, if you are looking for stunning aesthetic windows that fit as well into the past as into the now, then consider our SL 47 Heritage range of modern windows and doors for your home.

Get in contact with us – we’d be happy to guide you through your option.