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TfL contract with Siemens Mobility will use technology to improve road network
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TfL contract with Siemens Mobility will use technology to improve road network

Transport for London (TfL) has highlighted the importance of using technology to reduce delays and accidents by awarding a contract to Siemens Mobility Ltd who will upgrade the road network management system.

The 10-year contract will deliver a world class upgrade that will revolutionise London’s traffic light control system, ensuring TfL can make better use of road space, therefore resulting in people and goods moving on the road network with fewer delays.

TfL believe this extensive software can deliver £1 billion of benefits by reducing delays for the users of London’s road network by 2036.

New Real Time Optimiser (RTO) technology will be able to make use of a range of data sources, connect to new types of sensors and support innovation such as sharing data with connected vehicles.

This data in the system can be used to inform road users about the current and expected conditions to support journey planning.

TfL’s Director of Network Management, Glynn Barton, called the technology a “game changer.”

He said: “This world leading new traffic management system will be a game changer for us in London.

“It will use new data sources to better manage our road network, tackle congestion, reduce delay for people choosing healthier travel options and improve air quality.

“And by providing our control centre with a tool which supports more effective incident response, everyone will benefit.”

All of this contributes to increased safety on the road network in London; this is a priority in any region as recent statistics revealed almost 175,00 casualties of all severities relating to personal injury access on public roads in Great Britain.

This highlights the need for the type of technology that will reduce accidents in the different areas of the UK.

TfL’s partnership with Siemens Mobility Ltd will ensure delays are reduced and therefore, help businesses using the road network.

Importantly, safety will be increased too, and technology like this could be vital across the whole country.

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