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TCP Ltd have been leading innovators in the field of mobile task and safety lighting for over 20 years. The virtually silent running hydrogen fuel cell-powered product range is the latest development from TCP, providing a green, clean alternative to industries looking to reduce particulate, carbon and NOx emissions and meet the growing demand for clean air solutions which meet section 61 compliance.

TCP hires and sells lighting and power products to the construction, rail and events industries – sectors which have recently come under fire for their high level of carbon emissions* and noise pollution. In partnership with BOC (a member of the Linde group), TCP Ltd have developed a hydrogen fuel cell mobile lighting tower and a CCTV unit which has been embraced by these sectors. The use of near silent, zero emission fuel cells to power additional products could play a big role in helping industries make the move towards clean energy.

Andrew Barker, Managing Director of TCP, which is a member of Hydrogen London, commented: “Our green solution systems are fast expanding beyond our established lighting market, to off grid power solutions, where liquid fuels and emission levels are closely monitored for section 61 compliance. We welcome end user input to overcome specific challenges faced on construction sites with increased environmental impact.”

With a head office in Maldon Essex, TCP Ltd also operate from depots in Exeter, Coventry, Leeds and now Scotland and are able to supply nationwide coverage.

More information on TCP is available at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook Or visit http://www.tcp.eu.com/hydrogen 

* https://data.london.gov.uk/dataset/london-atmospheric-emissions-inventory-2013


Greener, Cleaner Lighting that doesn't 'cost the earth'

The Ecolite-TH200 is powered by BOC’s HYMERATM fuel cell and operates as a battery hybrid. It has a fully autonomous run time of between 30 and 240 hours depending upon fuel cylinder configuration, and dusk to dawn auto switching is included as standard.

With no internal combustion engine or harmful emissions, Ecolite-TH200 can be used in enclosed spaces only requiring the level of ventilation needed by two adult men. This makes Ecolite-TH200 suitable for locations where traditional lighting towers cannot be used. Ecolite TH200 is also ideal for environmentally sensitive areas where there must be zero risk of contamination.

Compact local task lighting with the option of hand tool power supply

The Eco-CH2 Cabinet and Cage