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Why Sliding Doors are a Must This Summer

8pm – and it’s still light outside, a sure sign that summer is here. However, here in Britain, summers always seem short-lived – before you know it you’re huddling under an umbrella, licking an ice-cream and pretending it’s still sunny.

So, for us Brits, making the most of your summer is a must. That’s why every household should install sliding doors….

Bring in the Warmth

Even when the sun is shining, it may still feel cold in our climes. Unlike the Europeans, balmy evenings when we can sit outside in t-shirts are far and few. However, with sliding patio doors, you can mimic a sunny evening, without the added chill-factor.

The large uninterrupted panes of your sliding doors will allow the rays to flood in and warm your room, bringing thoughts of Mediterranean climates, without once having to step outside. Make the most of the evening sun, and bask in those warm rays.

Slide Open The Doors and Invite The Outdoors In

All is not doom and gloom on our treasured island. On those glorious days when the temperature dares venture above 20 degrees, and the wind dies down to a gentle breeze, be prepared.

Throw open those sliding doors and invite the outdoors in. Make the most of these hazy, happy days, by extending your living area to include your patio.

Be Social

Dig out the barbecue and invite your friends and family around to help you celebrate these heady days of summer. So maybe it is still too cool for Nan to sit outside with everyone else – no problem.

With your sliding doors in place, tuck up Nan indoors, in a strategically positioned (cool) chair. She will still feel part of the action, as she enjoys the barbecue from the comfort of her viewing point. Those sliding doors are a blessing for the sport of people watching!

Straight From Your Kitchen into Your Garden

So, your home is too small for an all-out rave up. We get it; that’s why we urge you to get those sliding doors in place.

Everyone always hangs out in the kitchen at a party – right?

With sliding doors exiting straight from your kitchen onto your garden, you have the best of both worlds – easy access to the hub of the house, and a natural spill-over for your guests. You’ve instantly doubled your space!

Those Quieter Days

Of course, there are times you just want to take a day off and curl up with a good book. Pull your favourite chair up to your open sliding doors, and lose yourself in the smells and view of the great big vista beyond your window.

Make the most of your down-time by bringing the outside in.

Switch Off the Lights and Get Some Extra Natural Light

The long daylight hours are one of summers’ bonuses, and with sliding doors you can make the most of that extra natural light. Those big panes are just made for bringing the extra light into your home.

And the big pay-off? …You can switch off those electric lights and save yourself some hard-earned cash.

Why not make the most of summer? After all, it isn’t here for long!