Schunk Carbon Technology –
The Power of Connection

Nothing works without the right connection. Because connections reliably transmit current, recharge batteries in seconds and provide dependable protection from stray currents. For all of these connections Schunk Carbon Technology realizes customer-specific solutions that set new standards.

As one of the global leaders in the development of carbon and ceramic materials and as a member of the multinational Schunk Group, Schunk Carbon Technology has been supporting its customers for years in the field of modern rail traffic. Regardless of whether currents are to be safely and reliably transmitted into or out of the train through certain connections or whether stray currents are to be diverted away from bearings, transmissions and motor shafts for their protection – the experts at Schunk always find an optimized solution for nearly every application – from reliable third-rail current collectors to effective shaft-grounding systems. This benefits the railway industry worldwide: innovative Schunk carbon collector strips, for example, are already in use in numerous high-speed trains, including the German ICE3, the French TGV and the Russian-Finnish Allegro.

Grounding Contacts

Current Collectors

On the street as well, connections from Schunk Carbon Technology successfully get e-mobility moving. The newly-developed Underbody-Charger makes it possible to quickly and reliably recharge electric automobiles. Schunk Smart Charging, the innovative recharging system for electric buses and battery-driven industrial vehicles is already in use worldwide. In this solution vehicles are reliably and rapidly recharged via pantograph or inverted pantograph using ultra-high current transmission. The third-largest airport in Europe, Amsterdam Schiphol, has been using Schunk Smart Charging in more than 100 electric buses since April 2018. Urban transit authorities in the Netherlands, Poland, Russia and France are also currently involved in the project phase.