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RSSB announce two providers to enhance RISQS
RSSB announce two providers to enhance RISQS

RSSB announce two providers to enhance RISQS

The Rail Standards and Safety Board (RSSB) have selected two new partners to provide enhancements to the UK railway’s supplier pre-qualification scheme.

Altius VA Ltd and Capita are the firms that have been selected to work on and improve the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS), which is managed by RSSB on behalf of the rail industry.

RISQS has come a long way in a short space of time, helping suppliers sell into the rail industry in Great Britain by providing them a way to be fully recognised as providers of products and services to the industry.

As the single entry point for suppliers to the rail industry, buyers of products and services use these sellers through RISQS, because sellers within the scheme are industry-recognised.

The selection of both Altius and Capita is subject to a 10-day standstill but this is seen as standard and these contractors will work alongside RSSB to provide improvements to the systems of RISQS, and as such, their processes.

A new IT platform and an ability to integrate with buyer and seller systems are just two of the improvements that will be made.

Capita will deliver audit services, while Altius have a contract to provide IT, verification and management services for RISQS.

It is a prestigious contract to have given that Network Rail and London Underground both use RISQS, along with 116 other buyers and in excess of 4,300 supplier members throughout Great Britain’s rail industry.

Once the standstill period is over and the contracts are finalised, the plan is for work to begin in order to prepare for the transition before the new arrangements commence in May 2018.

RSSB’s primary objective is to help the rail industry continue to improve in terms of health and safety performance. Its management of RISQS provides this because all buyers and suppliers have to be verified and reputable to gain access.

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