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RoSPA present national accident prevention strategy
RoSPA present national accident prevention strategy

RoSPA present national accident prevention strategy

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has presented its flagship national accident prevention strategy.

The charity, whose aim is to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries associated with road collisions, presented its national accident prevention strategy at the Local Government Association annual public health conference and exhibition on 21 March.

RoSPA highlighted the worrying increase in accidental deaths in England, and the devastation these cause to families and communities.

Altogether, 25 recommendations are put forward in the national accident prevention strategy, addressing the dangers faced by people of all ages, including a focus on the potential dangers of road users.

The strategy put forward by RoSPA, was launched initially in October 2018 and is the result of two years of research, serving as a call to action for real change in the delivery of accident prevention throughout the UK.

RoSPA say a strategy is needed because accidents are such a preventable cause of death, and yet they happen, devastating people, families, communities and businesses.

There have been “significant reductions in accidental death and injury on the roads” over recent decades, but clearly, more work needs to be done.

We have seen this, with the likes of Vision Zero championing changes to fleet design in order to accelerate reduction in collisions.

But the Society clearly believes more needs to be done. Indeed, in the strategy, it highlights the financial implications to businesses that accidents have, including lost time, legal costs, and damage to reputation.

The emotional consequences are also an important factor.

It points to the need for collective responsibility of businesses to eliminate the potential for collisions, which result in serious injuries or even worse.

Sheila Merrill, RoSPA’s acting head of policy, commented: “Accidents kill thousands of people every year and the burden of death and serious injury is heaviest for the most vulnerable in society.

“But we know, from evidence and experience of properly-designed interventions, that accidents are preventable.

“This is why having support for our national strategy is so vital.”

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