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Road to Zero Strategy will lead the way in zero emission technology

Road to Zero Strategy will lead the way in zero emission technology

The government has outlined proposals in its Road to Zero Strategy which will expand green infrastructure throughout the country and includes the ambition of making as many as 70% of new car sales ultra low emission by 2030.

It continues the drive towards greener vehicles – encouraging uptake of not only cars with zero emission, but also vans and trucks.

As part of the Road to Zero Strategy, the government wants to see at least half of new car sales to be ultra low emission by 2030; for vans, the ambition is up to 40% of new vehicles.

By expanding a roll out in infrastructure to support electric vehicles too, the government believe emissions will be reduced and more environmentally friendly vehicles will be used across the UK’s roads within the next 12 years.

These proposals fit in with the Industrial Strategy – by leading those industries of the future and building up competitiveness of the UK in the face of major global economic trends – as well as fitting in neatly with the Clean Air Strategy, which set out ways in which pollution can be reduced in the UK.

The Secretary of State for Transport, Chris Grayling, confirmed the government will work alongside a variety of affected stakeholders including businesses, industry, academia, environmental groups and local governments in order to ensure the successful deployment of an effective vehicle infrastructure network, therefore paving the way for greener roads in future.

The Road to Zero Strategy is technology neutral, meaning that any technology that could deliver the government’s mission will be used.

Mr Grayling commented: “The coming decades are going to be transformative for our motor industry, our national infrastructure and the way we travel.

“We expect to see more change in the transport sector over the next 10 years than we have in the previous century.

“We are expecting our economy and society to experience profound change, which is why we have marked the future of mobility as one of the four grand challenges as part of our modern Industrial Strategy.

“The Road to Zero Strategy sets out a clear path for Britain to be a world leader in the zero emission revolution – ensuring that the UK has cleaner air, a better environment and a stronger economy.”

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