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Road haulage industry to benefit from improvements to motorway services

The Motorway Services Area (MSA) sector is making improvements that will benefit the road haulage industry for years to come.

It is something that has been driven for a number of years due to the changing needs of HGV drivers, according to the Chief Executive Officer of one of the providers of motorway services in the sector.

Andrew Long, of Extra MSA Services Ltd, told Business Britain that the organisation has increased its focus on the facilities that will benefit HGV drivers and other important players in road haulage.

He said: “There has, in recent years, been an increased focus within the MSA sector to improve facilities for HGV drivers and their vehicles.

“Extra MSA Group continues to be at the forefront of this and as always, designs its new MSA facilities to fully take into account the modern day requirements, with HGV drivers being some of the most discerning customers on the motorway network.”

The changes can only be good for business in Britain, given the industry’s essential role.

Travelling up and down the country in a way that benefits the UK economy, moving goods and services, requires infrastructure that benefits all users, and an efficient network so that the haulage sector continues to make its journeys successfully.

Infrastructure will be upgraded thanks to road investment, but in order to be efficient, those who work in the industry are heavily reliant on the MSA sector too.

Extra has made it clear that its approach to MSA development has the road haulage sector in mind, and Andrew Long confirmed investment in a number of projects that will make services more suitable for HGV drivers.

He said: “Extra has continued to invest in expanding the number of HGV parking spaces at its main MSA locations; these include M25 Cobham, M40 Beaconsfield, A1M Peterborough and A14 (M11) Cambridge Services.

“Further expansion schemes for additional HGV parking are also programmed. Planning permission has been obtained for an additional 79 spaces at Cobham and an additional 65 spaces at Cambridge, together with a further 42 spaces planned for Beaconsfield MSA.”

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