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RIA welcome NIC's urgency for Crossrail 2 - a 'vital' route for connectivity
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RIA welcome NIC’s urgency for Crossrail 2 – a ‘vital’ route for connectivity

The delivery of Crossrail 2 is “vital” for the economy and connectivity, according to the Railway Industry Association (RIA).

These comments come from Darren Caplan who is Chief Executive of the trade association which represents UK-based suppliers to the UK and worldwide railways, and works to promote the importance of the railways to the UK.

Mr Caplan welcomed the views of Sir John Armitt, Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), who addressed the UK Transport Infrastructure Summit to urge the government to complete its review into the funding and financing of Crossrail 2 as soon as possible so that a timetable can be put together by the end of 2018 regarding funding proposals.

Mr Caplan at the RIA echoed the thoughts of the NIC, with a similar urge to take the steps that will move forward the infrastructure scheme – without which, integration will be more difficult.

He said: “We welcome National Infrastructure Commission Chair Sir John Armitt’s comments calling for the independent financial review of Crossrail 2 to be completed by the end of the year.

“We urge the financial review to be undertaken as soon as possible, so the project can proceed on the originally planned timescale. Without doing so, it will be more difficult to integrate Crossrail 2 with other projects like HS2, reducing the ability to manage congestion on the network.”

It has been almost a year since the Mayor of London and Transport Secretary confirmed funding options for Crossrail 2 – a rail route connecting the south east to London – would be examined.

It is part of the move to much more modern and digital rail technology that will drive the UK’s rail and infrastructure forward as some of the most advanced in Europe.

And the RIA’s Chief Executive said the wider industry is behind the scheme, but progress has to be made for ‘vital connectivity’.

He added: “The railway industry stands ready to do its bit to help deliver Crossrail 2 which, along with other major projects like Crossrail, Northern Powerhouse Rail, HS2, and East-West Rail, is vital to UK plc, its economy and future connectivity.”

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