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RIA support Network Rail's '100 Day' Plan
RIA support Network Rail's '100 Day' Plan

RIA support Network Rail’s ‘100 Day’ Plan

The Railway Industry Association (RIA) has thrown its weight behind the ‘100 Day’ Plan unveiled by Network Rail, and will help to deliver it seamlessly, as Control Period 6 (CP6) begins.

It comes after Andrew Haines, Chief Executive of Network Rail, announced an operational shake-up not seen for years that will see an increase in the number of devolved routes.

Rather than eight, there will be 13 devolved routes, supported by five Network Rail regions and two service directorates.

Each of the five regions will have a Managing Director, looking after the 13 routes.

With the start of the next five-year funding period a matter of weeks away, this restructure is a significant one.

But the RIA has welcomed the ‘100 Day’ Plan and believes that it promotes greater collaboration. The Association believe the plan will be successful if it focuses on businesses, which is important for the whole supply chain.

Darren Caplan, Chief Executive of the RIA, said: “Restructuring Network Rail, under the leadership of new Chief Executive Andrew Haines, is an acknowledgement that the organisation needs to become more transparent, accessible and business-focused.

“As far as the RIA and its members are concerned, this ‘100 Day’ Plan will be a success if it creates a culture of collaboration that ensures suppliers, from world class multinationals through to our many innovative SMEs, are seen as partners with Network Rail, delivering value rather than as just the providers of products and services.

“We will consider Network Rail’s plans to create five regions, with 13 routes under them, in further detail.

“Going forward, we will do whatever we can to work with Network Rail, to ensure a smooth transition and to deliver the new structure as we head into CP6, the new five yearly funding cycle.”

CP6 will see a level of investment for the UK’s railways never seen before.

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