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Public support for TfL’s Direct Vision Standard proposals

London’s Direct Vision Standard proposals have received public support.

Set to increase the safety of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from October onwards, the Direct Vision Standard is a key component of the Mayor of London’s Vision Zero commitment, which aims to eradicate deaths and serious injuries caused by collisions on the capital’s roads.

A consultation on the proposals to revolutionise the safety of HGVs has revealed public support, with the majority of respondents supportive of the final scheme proposals, such as the permit application process, Safe System requirements, and enforcement of the scheme.

Transport for London (TfL) spoke to Transport Britain about Vision Zero, including the proposals for the Direct Vision Standard, which will tackle road danger at source by minimising blind spots in HGVs, a major reason for many tragic deaths and life-changing injuries.

Restrictions in the driver’s field of vision is seen as a significant factor in the disproportionate involvement of HGVs in fatal collisions; research revealed that between 2015 and 2017, HGVs were involved in 63% of collisions with cyclists and 25% of those involving pedestrians, despite these vehicles making up just 4% of the miles driven in London.

HGVs will be rated depending on vision from a cab, with ratings given from ‘zero-star’ to ‘five-star’.

Only vehicles rated at ‘one-star’ or above, or those with comprehensive safety systems, will be able to operate on London’s roads from next year; and by 2024, ‘three-star’ or a Progressive Safe System will be the minimum requirements for HGVs.

Those with the lowest rating will have to improve overall safety, resulting in greater safety for vulnerable road users.

Following the news of public support for proposals, Will Norman, London’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner, said: “I’m delighted by the support that the public has shown for our world-leading plans to remove the most unsafe lorries from our streets.

“Improving HGV safety standards will dramatically reduce danger for both cyclists and pedestrians. This will enable more people to cycle and walk as part of their everyday routine – improving their health and helping to tackle London’s toxic air.”

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