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New summer rail timetable has been introduced

New summer rail timetable has been introduced

The new summer rail timetable has been introduced.

Changed twice a year, the timetables are structured so that the needs of passengers are met, with new services through extra carriages, and infrastructure improvements.

Over the summer, in excess of 1,000 additional services will be introduced to the timetable.

In the summer rail timetable, train operating companies throughout Britain have prioritised punctuality and reliability for passengers; it is a critical moment for the industry, after the chaos that ensued after the introduction of the summer rail timetable last year.

Back then, it led to widespread disruption, resulting in cancellations that presented huge logistical challenges to businesses and passengers alike.

An investigation revealed passenger needs did not feature high on the list of priorities when introducing the changes and now, the industry is trying to show it has learnt from those problems.

A cross industry taskforce has scrutinised the industry’s readiness for the new timetable, with Network Rail and train companies collaborating to make sure that changes are only made when there is high confidence that the required infrastructure, rolling stock and staffing plans are in place.

The implementation of the new timetable will provide more choice and capacity in places such as Bristol, Glasgow and Hull; since the beginning of 2018, an extra 4,000 services per week have been added to the railways.

Paul Plummer, Chief Executive of the Rail Delivery Group, said: “Train companies and Network Rail are focused on maintaining reliability as we deliver the step change in services people want and the country needs.

“We know that running more services cannot come at the expense of running a punctual railway.

“Introducing 1,000 more services a week to meet demand on a congested network poses a significant challenge but we are working together to ensure improvements are introduced with the absolute minimum of disruption.”

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