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New report to help fleet managers deliver key safety messages
New report to help fleet managers deliver key safety messages

New report to help fleet managers deliver key safety messages

New guidance from the Global Fleet Champions campaign has been released, which will help fleet managers successfully deliver key safety messages to their drivers.

The document, engaging drivers on key safety messages, assists fleet managers with the process of sharing safety messages with employees by encouraging better communication and training; it also helps to raise awareness to drivers, giving them vital advice about how to reduce road risk and ensure they get home safely at the end of very working day.

Given that recent studies have shown that driver error and unnecessary risk-taking are leading causes of road collisions, the importance of providing effective education and training cannot be overstated.

It is even more important if the business relies on driving across the country, transporting goods and services; by providing fleet managers with key methods and themes of driver education, and the methods that can be used to inform drivers about safety issues, the risks of collisions will dramatically decrease and ultimately make roads safer.

The guidance gives information that will help managers implement a holistic approach to education, therefore raising awareness and driver training.

Expert advice is provided by key figures within the road safety industry, with the likes of Lisa Dorn and David Ward offering their not-insignificant expertise.

Sarah Plumb is the Senior Fleet Officer at Brake, the road safety charity that was instrumental in setting up the Global Fleet Champions campaign.

She commented: “Everyone who employs people who drive for work has a moral responsibility to ensure their staff get home safe at the end of the working day, and a legal obligation to manage work-related road risk.

“This report contains guidance on how fleet managers can engage drivers with key road safety messages and raise awareness of how they can reduce their road risk.”

Set up in early 2019, the Global Fleet Champions campaign is leading the way in educating the transport sector about improvements to safety and reduction in pollution; so far, the response has been encouraging.

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