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New DLR trains set to be introduced to reduce pollution

New DLR trains set to be introduced to reduce pollution

Transport for London (TfL) has awarded a contract to replace the oldest Docklands Light Railway (DLR) trains.

These new DLR trains will mean that almost 30-year-old existing trains that are now at the end of their design life will be replaced, which will also reduce pollution.

TfL say these trains are in vital need of replacing, in order to deliver reliable and modern services to its passengers; on each weekday, more than 400,000 journeys are made on DLR trains – the busiest light railway in the UK.

Thanks to the new trains, more frequent and direct services will be made to the cultural hub at Stratford; the railway also serves Canary Wharf, which is a vital and important centre for the financial and professional services industries.

Jon Fox, Director of Rail and Sponsored Services for TfL, spoke about the benefits of the new trains, and the technology available for passengers and businesses.

He said: “Replacing the oldest trains on the DLR and introducing a new modern fleet will ensure the railway continues to support the current and future growth in the Docklands area.

“With walk-through carriages, real time travel information, air conditioning and mobile device charging points, the new trains will provide customers with a more comfortable and reliable service, replacing rolling stock that are nearly 30 years old and coming to the end of their operational life.”

Walk-through trains will enter passenger service from 2023, complete with better facilities for those with mobility impairments.

This modernisation is part of the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy to improve the green credentials of transport in the capital, making the city a greener place to live, work, visit and travel.

Sadiq Khan’s investment will ensure transport such as that on DLR trains improves significantly, therefore reducing reliance on cars and pushing down pollution.

Furthermore, it will help the Mayor achieve targets of making 80% of journeys either by public transport, cycling or walking by 2041.

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