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London's Direct Vision Standard officially launched
London's Direct Vision Standard officially launched

London’s Direct Vision Standard officially launched

The Mayor of London has officially launched the city’s Direct Vision Standard.

The first of its kind, this world-leading scheme will remove the most dangerous HGVs from the streets of London.

Launched alongside Transport for London (TfL) and the city’s councils, the Direct Vision Standard works with HGV cabs and their fleet operators by minimising the blind spots that contribute to deaths and serious injuries on the streets of London.

Restrictions in the field of vision of drivers were significant factors in the disproportionate involvement of HGVs in collisions that were fatal; the Standard should eradicate these tragic incidents.

TfL and Sadiq Khan sought public opinion regarding the proposals for the Direct Vision Standard; these were subsequently approved, with support given for the Safe System requirements, permit application process and enforcement of the scheme.

The unique star system rates HGVs that are over 12 tonnes in weight based on how much a driver can see directly through their cab windows – zero (lowest) to five (highest).

Under the Standard, HGVs have to meet a minimum ‘one-star’ rating by the time enforcement begins if they are to operate in London; alternatively, they’ll need to fit Safe System measures in order to improve vehicle safety.

HGV operators can now apply for a HGV Safety Permit ahead of enforcement that will begin on 26 October 2020.

The Direct Vision Standard will operate at all times and will be enforced within the Greater London boundary – part of the capital’s wider Vision Zero commitment.

Sadiq Khan commented: “I’m proud of our world-leading plans to remove the most dangerous lorries from London’s streets.

“So many of the tragic deaths on our roads involve HGVs and this new scheme will help save lives.

“Forward-looking businesses have already been choosing safer vehicles in the run up to HGV safety permits becoming available.

“The scheme has gone live and operators now have 12 month to upgrade their fleets, helping make our streets much safer for people walking and cycling.”

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