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HS2 Ltd developing "pioneering" augmented reality (AR) training
Image courtesy of HS2 Ltd

HS2 Ltd developing “pioneering” augmented reality (AR) training

HS2 Ltd is pioneering a UK-first by developing augmented reality (AR) training for future staff at Old Oak Common station.

The organisation says the power of this AR will be crucial in training staff at the North London super hub.

HS2 Ltd is developing the AR training alongside a number of partners including PAULEY – a high-tech SME – the National College for High Speed Rail, and Inventya.

Old Oak Common station designers will work with these stakeholders, along with specialist engineers to develop world class AR training that will ensure staff are trained to deliver greater customer service, station maintenance and safety; that way, they can develop skills to manage the station efficiently even before they step foot in it.

Mike Luddy, Stations Director for HS2 Ltd, said its “crucial” that staff are trained to handle the requirements at what will be one of the busiest stations in the UK – and by using this pioneering AR, training can be undertaken even before the station is built.

He said: “From its earliest days, Old Oak Common will be one of the UK’s busiest and best connected stations.

“Serving both HS2 and the Elizabeth line, it is designed to handle around 275,000 passengers every day.

“To accommodate that number of people in a pleasant, safe and efficient environment, it’s crucial that staff know the station’s workings in detail.

“The challenge is that Old Oak Common station hasn’t been built yet, so to train the station’s entirely new workforce with the skills and knowledge they will need, we must innovate.

“Through this project, which is supported by Innovate UK and the DfT, we’re harnessing the power of digital technology to build Old Oak Common in augmented reality.”

Other benefits of the AR training include the fact that trainees will be able to provide feedback to designers on their experiences, meaning plans can be fine-tuned before the station is built, avoiding the need to make costly changes to the building later on.

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