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Government award £25 million to decarbonise UK transport
Government award £25 million to decarbonise UK transport

Government award £25 million to decarbonise UK transport

The government has awarded £25 million in funding to 22 projects that will use the investment to help decarbonise UK transport.

It is a key milestone of the Industrial Strategy, and part of wider measures to ultimately achieve a net-zero carbon economy.

Developing a net-zero economy is gaining greater prominence, with Glasgow City Council announcing its intentions to make the city the first in the UK to become net-zero.

If is a huge step of intention that will help to decarbonise UK transport, and now, through the government’s investment, ground breaking zero emission technologies for new vehicles will be developed.

This is a win for green transport, given that the innovations will look to power the future of zero emission vehicles.

Projects include a feasibility study into the potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology as a zero emission solution for utility and off-road vehicles; and a project that will add an electric drive axle to a conventional diesel-powered truck, creating a hybrid engine that will store and re-use electrical energy on the trailer.

These are just two of the 22 that will decarbonise UK transport.

Crucially, the investment is key to delivering other key government policies such as the Road to Zero Strategy, which is just one of a number that is trying to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacture of zero emission vehicles.

Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister, Jesse Norman, said: “The government continues to invest in technologies and innovation that help the UK to a zero emission future.

“This is a central part of our Future of Mobility Grand Challenge.

“It’s great to see such enthusiasm and imagination from industry, as we work together with them to realise the environmental, health and wellbeing benefits of greener transport.”

These projects represent an opportunity to reduce global warming in the UK.

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