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Government and industry announce Rail Sector Deal
Government and industry announce Rail Sector Deal

Government and industry announce Rail Sector Deal

The Rail Sector Deal has been confirmed, which will see the government and industry work together.

Andrew Jones, the government’s new Rail Minister, said the Rail Sector Deal is part of the commitment to develop new digital capabilities that support the railway industry in its quest to become an even stronger player in driving the economy and opportunities.

It fits neatly within the Industrial Strategy, which seeks to maximise the UK’s strengths and develop the necessary infrastructure to support this fully.

Clearly, the railways are particularly important in strengthening the UK; they are vital for businesses and freight movements.

By agreeing the Rail Sector Deal, government and industry have agreed upon a plan that will increase efficiency, improve journeys and help the sector to trade internationally.

Mutual commitments are included within the deal to encourage innovation that will lead to better experiences for passengers – something that is important in light of the misery rail passengers have been subjected to in 2018.

Elsewhere, the Rail Sector Deal contains commitments that will help to provide the confidence needed for investment in capital and skills, reducing the cost of state-of-the-art digital rail control systems to the taxpayer.

Collaboration that is encouraged through the deal will help train manufacturers and those running the network to work together and proide a common data platform that will allow businesses to access useful data to develop services, products and meet the needs of its passengers.

Andrew Jones said that this deal follows others that have already been agreed in different sectors.

He said: “Sector deals bring the industry and the government together in partnership to boost the productivity and earning power of specific sectors.

“The Rail Sector Deal struct follows ambitious sector deals with the life sciences, automotive, construction and artificial intelligence sectors.

“This deal will support the rail industry into the next phase of its development as a world leading industry.”

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