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Global Fleet Champions: improving worldwide road safety
Global Fleet Champions: improving worldwide road safety

Global Fleet Champions: improving worldwide road safety

Set up by the road safety charity, Brake, Global Fleet Champions is a campaign that is leading the way on educating the transport industry about how to improve its safety record and reduce pollution.

Vehicles driven for work and business purposes are the cause of extensive pollution, and the latest figures highlight how vital it is that road safety is improved, given that more than a million people die on the roads annually.

Global Fleet Champions has introduced a number of initiatives, information campaigns, webinars and events to educate the industry.

Sarah Plumb, Senior Fleet Officer at Brake, spoke to Transport Britain about the Global Fleet Champions campaign and what it is trying to achieve.

This is an excerpt from the full interview, which appears in issue 10 of Transport Britain.

Can you give us a bit of information about Global Fleet Champions and its origins?

Global Fleet Champions launched in February 2019 and is a not-for-profit campaign to prevent deaths, injuries and pollution caused by vehicles driven for work. Administered by Brake, the road safety charity it aims to help tackle the rising epidemic of road deaths, injuries and poisonous air from vehicles. It is completely free to join and calls on all organisations that use vehicles for work purposes to prioritise safety and sustainability.

What set the wheels in motion for this campaign?

Road crashes are now the eighth leading cause of death globally. The latest World Health Organisation report on the global status of road safety revealed that road crashes are the leading killer of children and young adults (aged 5-29 years) across the world – this simply cannot be ignored. Global Fleet Champions has therefore been created to meet this need and to provide a platform to campaign for safety and sustainability. We want individuals, communities, businesses and governments to get involved.

What are the main aims of the campaign and how long is it expected to last for?

The campaign is underpinned by five pillars that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Decade of Action for Road Safety and its ‘safe systems’ approach to road safety. The five pillars of Global Fleet Champions are driver behaviour; journey routing and modal choice; vehicle procurement and maintenance; incident analysis and intervention; and community outreach.

Our main aims are :

  • To have our work underpinned by academic and practitioner best practice.
  • To raise awareness of the responsibility of organisations responsible for moving freight or people to prioritise safety and sustainability of movement.
  • To build the capacity of these organisations to implement safety and sustainability policies and procedures relating to the operation of fleets of vehicles on roads.
  • To enable government regulation and enforcement of the safe and sustainable movement of freight and people.

It is a rolling campaign which we expect to grow for many more years.

How have you worked with businesses that rely on transport?

We fully understand that organisations across the world rely on fleets of vehicles to run their businesses and that we as consumers rely on these fleets of vehicles for everyday supplies. What we  want to ensure through our Global Fleet Champions campaign is that those fleets of vehicles are operating in a safe and sustainable way. We achieve this by working with businesses in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we provide a range of resources to support our fleet champions. Resources include guidance reports, driver advice sheets interactive tools and communication tools, on an array of safe and healthy mobility topics including vehicle technology, driver health and managing drink and drug driving.

Secondly, we run an events programme aimed at those responsible for at-work drivers. We share best practice and guidance at seminars, webinars and roundtables and our annual fleet safety conference with industry experts and academics guest speakers.

Last but not least we celebrate the achievements of those fleets working towards safe and healthy mobility through our awards programme including UK, Australasian and global awards. Our global awards programme launched this year as part of the campaign and celebrates best practice in fleets anywhere in the world including in low and middle income nations where road risk management is evolving slowly, and is in urgent need of promoting and encouraging.


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