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Glass Doors With A Difference

Your front door – it’s the focal point of your home, the feature that welcomes you in every evening after a hard day’s work.

Yet your front door could be so much more! Step away from a solid build and consider instead a glazed door, and let the light flow into your home.

To inspire you, we’ve scoured the web for the most unusual or interesting glazed doors around – see which one whets your imagination!

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Coastal Foyer in New York

This beautiful double door has a traditional feel to it, but the double aspect opens up the hallway to increase the light feature. Couple this with the attractive glazed panels, and you have a modern twist that lends itself to this airy foyer.

Pivot Front Door in Phoenix

This front door veers away from the traditional, featuring pivot hinges to provide a unique 3D effect. The textured and frosted glazing draws the eye, while offering privacy. Coupled with the beautifully designed steel the end result is a contemporary finish. Spacious and unique, it’s perfect to complement a modern home with a large hallway.

Sunset Overlook in San Francisco

This door uses glazing to look straight into the hall, with the contrasting frame drawing the eye inwards. It’s a hint of what is to come internally, with an architecturally designed perspective adding an extra twist.

You can see examples of all of the above here.

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The Eco-Revolution Door In New York

Ok, so this is not a door you will see in the average household, but this revolutionary idea had us hooked. It’s a glass revolving door that makes energy as people go through it – genius! …Just think of how many times this goes round and round in a day!

Perhaps one day we will see these gracing our homes?

You can read more here.

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D-Shaped Pivoting Glazed Door

This unusual shaped door combines creativity with light-giving properties of full glazing. The pivot hinges add an extra dimension to this already original door. Perfect for those looking for a quirky entrance not seen anywhere else on the street!

You can see photos of the D-shaped pivoting door here.

Pantone slide swatch glass door

It’s glass, but not as we know it! These tiny panes of coloured glass let the light shine into the hallway, providing a beautiful pattern. Who needs art on the walls, when nature and a door can offer it for free?

See the Pantone glass door here.

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Homes Under The Hammer

Buying a home unseen can provide unexpected treasures! Just so when Lucy Alexander – Homes under the Hammer presenter – purchased her new home. With this house, she inherited a stunning and original stained glassed panel door. You don’t see these every day!

You can see Lucy’s stained glassed panel door here.

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Custom Made Glass and Wood

First impressions count, and none more so than with this range of custom made front doors. Combining wood on glass, they tell a tale about the occupants inside. Each door is one-of-a-kind, with its own unique story.

You can see examples here.

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Just Add (Frameless Sliding) Glass

Got a fabulous view? …Then make the most of it with frameless sliding glass doors and a full glass wall.

Make it all about the outside, by utilising your doorway to bring the outside in.

When you are thinking about changing your front door, why not think out of the box?

Consider some of the designs here and let them inspire you to move over to a glazed door.