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Glasgow committed to becoming UK's first 'net-zero' city
Glasgow committed to becoming UK's first 'net-zero' city

Glasgow committed to becoming UK’s first ‘net-zero’ city

Glasgow City Council has revealed a new vision alongside ScottishPower to become the first ‘net-zero’ city in the UK.

Scotland as a country has set a target of 2045 to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

However, the third biggest city in the UK is working on a range of programmes with ScottishPower to reach this target before any other of the UK’s cities, and “well before” the initial target of 2045.

Glasgow City Council is already working towards the target, by establishing the first Low Emission Zone outside of London.

Now, the focus will turn towards elements of Glasgow’s economy that have the potential to be decarbonised, with transport high on the priority list.

The Chief Executive of ScottishPower, Keith Anderson, was speaking at the All Energy Conference in Glasgow.

He hopes that the efforts made by Glasgow City Council will galvanise others to follow suit, meaning “we will all be winners.”

He said: “Scotland has rightly put itself at the top of the race to become net-zero quicker than other places round the world. To succeed, our biggest city has to be the most ambitious and progressive in removing carbon emissions.

“We have a large supply of renewable energy on our doorstep and one of only two Low Emission Zones in action across the UK.

“Now, we need to invest in technologies and programmes that transform the rest of Glasgow’s economy and make us net-zero before anyone else.

“It is our hope that this declaration kick starts a race to zero with other ambitious cities, like Edinburgh, because then we will all be winners.

“The prize is the future of our country and our planet.”

A key area of focus over the next decade will be on the move towards electric vehicles.

The Committee on Climate Change’s report has outlined targets that are crucial if the transport sector is to move towards net-zero carbon emissions, and its publication led to the Scottish government changing its targets.

Glasgow has taken the baton and is committed to this bright future.

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