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Generac Mobile Products continues to redefine innovation with its market leading mobile lighting brand, Towerlight, and its portable range of robust mobile site equipment including Dust Suppression under the DF Ecology brand, Wash Racks and Pumps. 

Its constant desire to innovate and develop customer focused solutions in step with the times has enabled Generac Mobile Products to become a leading brand within the UK rail and infrastructure.

Today it is rightfully proud of its heritage in redefining and setting the industry standard in mobile onsite lighting and portable products.   Yet its number one priority has always been to deliver value for its customers by offering quality products, service and a reliable ownership experience.


Offering and delivering good and quick after-sales service is Generac® Mobile Products first objective.

Generac® Mobile Products service department is always at full disposal of our customers, to solve any problems detected on our products with a professional approach. Moreover, the company is constantly focused on developing a network of local service centres across the world.

We are able to take action quickly, repair damaged machines and replace damaged components with original spare parts. To help you find and order the parts to replace, each product comes with a detailed instruction manual complete with an exploded drawing of the machine with all the reference codes.


Our spare parts supply is one of our greatest strengths. Our factory warehouses are stocked with original equipment parts and will meet any request with real-time shipments through express couriers and will deliver worldwide.

Our spare parts inventory covers every single machine ever manufactured by us; the service is rapid, efficient and complete. We are proud of the fact that over 90% of orders received are carried out within 72 hours, thanks to a dedicated staff operating with a series of brand-new automated spare parts storage systems.

Spare parts service is also supported by local distributors and local authorized workshops of the manufacturers of the engines used on our products.