We engineer, deliver and service waste management solutions that enable our customers to make our world a better and more sustainable place to live. A world in which we take better care of our resources and save precious time and effort doing so. The Geesinknorba Group is one of the leading companies in the waste management industry. As the waste management industry is evolving continuously we need to stay up and ahead of our game. Our three powerful brands Geesink, Norba and Kiggen bring great effectivity, efficiency and ease of use to our customers while lowering the TCO.

Join us on our mission, Geesinknorba Group – Driving Sustainability

Experienced, international, proven

Geesinknorba is a leading manufacturer of refuse collection vehicles, portable and static compactors, with its operation headquarter in the Netherlands. We may look back to 140 years of company history in the waste management industry in Europe. Since then we focus on the development, production, sale and service of innovative refuse collection vehicles, portable and static compactors.

Geesinknorba is a supplier of products designed to customer needs including modern but also straightforward systems. Our customers are both companies in the public and private sector.

We distribute our products and services in Europe through own branch offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Rumania and United Kingdom. We also offer our products and services to customers through distributors in Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Baltic States, Middle East and other countries.

Our Service Offer

We have dedicated service centres across Europe to provide prompt and efficient service and maintenance to our customers. Besides a service desk and spare parts web shop we offer different training programmes for vehicle maintenance and handling, as well as preventative maintenance options, remote diagnostics and fleet management solutions. Our mid-life refurbishment program helps to keep your RCV fleet on an up-to-date technology level preventing unforeseen down-time of your vehicles. We also offer tailor-made service contracts, including maintaining entire fleets of RCVs.