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FTA urge government to press ahead with Lower Thames Crossing
Image courtesy of Highways England

FTA urge government to press ahead with Lower Thames Crossing

The government should proceed with construction of the Lower Thames Crossing approved route, according to the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

Representing all of logistics, the FTA is well placed to understand the needs of businesses and how crucial access on Britain’s roads is for the wider economy and various needs of these organisations to transport goods and services to.

Highways England has recently revealed updated plans for the £6 billion Lower Thames Crossing project, which will link Kent, Thurrock and Essex, almost doubling the road capacity across the River Thames and also halving northbound journey times at the Dartford Crossing.

It has been described as vital for businesses, and is the most ambitious project on the country’s roads since the opening of the M25 30 years ago.

Linking the A2 east of Gravesend to the M25, it is a solution that could unlock an additional 90% of road capacity.

This extra road capacity is why the FTA is in full support of the project and Malcolm Bingham, the Head of Road Network Policy, wants construction to begin as soon as possible in order to ease this congestion.

He said: “FTA, which represents more than 17,000 logistics businesses, urges government to press ahead with construction of the scheme as soon as possible and improve road capacity in this area.

“Traffic congestion at the Dartford Crossing is already unbearably high and it is predicted to return to pre-Dart Charge levels by 2020. The M2/M25 route is a vital cog in the country’s freight machine and it must continue to work as smoothly as possible to ensure that British companies can trade without delays both domestically and internationally.

“The logistics industry is a lifeblood of the UK economy and needs an efficient and effective road network to continue stocking Britain’s factories, retail outlets, schools, hospitals and homes with the raw materials and goods they need to continue operating efficiently.”

The consultation has been opened on this 14.5 mile route; the FTA would like the process accelerated.

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