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FTA "thrilled" with DfT guidance that will boost zero emission vans
FTA "thrilled" with DfT guidance that will boost zero emission vans

FTA “thrilled” with DfT guidance that will boost zero emission vans

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) is “thrilled” at the decision to provide payload concessions to alternatively-fuelled vans, providing a welcome boost to those looking to introduce zero emission vans to their fleet.

James Firth, FTA’s Head of Road Freight Regulation, is pleased that the organisation, representing in the region of 17,000 logistics businesses, has had its advice on payload concessions to operators of alternatively-fuelled vans listened to.

It comes after the DfT provided updates to driving licences in order to assist the transition from diesel to zero emission vehicles.

Now, drivers with a category B driving licence will be able to drive alternatively fuelled vans, providing they can prove they have taken the additional required training.

The concessions to operators of alternatively fuelled vans will accelerate the introduction of zero emission vans, because they will be a “more viable option for operators,” according to the FTA.

James Firth explains: “We are thrilled DfT has listened to our advice.

“Our members are committed to transitioning to low or zero emission vehicles, but with their propulsion systems and fuels far heavier than those of petrol and diesel, operators were left in a difficult position.

“They were forced to either lose payload or use heavier vehicles, which incur the expense of tighter regulatory regimes in relation to driver and operator licensing.

“These limitations were preventing operators from investing in green technology; they were a clear barrier to the adoption of low and zero emission vans.

“This may be the first time the government has given transport operators a tangible operational advantage through investing in greener technology.

“Relying on ‘nice-to-have’ gestures will not drive the business decisions that need to be made to bring these vehicles into mainstream operations.

“This guidance will fuel interest in the alternatively fuelled commercial vehicle market; hopefully it will pave the way for such vehicles to become the norm rather than the exception.”

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