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England's biggest road development a step closer to completion

England’s biggest road development a step closer to completion

England’s biggest road development has moved a step closer to completion, with the opening of one of its bridges.

Dozens of bridges are being constructed as part of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon project, and now, one of the two that have been rebuilt in a redesign of the junction at Bar Hill is opening to the public.

The two bridges replace a previous lone bridge to form a roundabout junction that is befitting of handling traffic on a major trunk road.

It is a major development on the £1.5 billion project – England’s biggest road project.

Julian Lamb, Deputy project director at Highways England for the A14, explained the benefits that will be delivered as a result of this project.

He said: “This epic project is taking its next step towards completion as we open yet another one of the 34 bridges we’re building for the new A14.

“Once fully completed, junctions like this one will ease congestion and improve traffic flow by providing improved access to and from the A14 as well as the local access road we’re building alongside it.

“We’re working hard to minimise disruption to drivers during this next phase of the junction redesign, and already have shown that here by dropping these bridges into place over one weekend rather than spending weeks building them over the road.”

The point about congestion is an important one; with pollution such a scourge on public health, the introduction of England’s biggest road project – a 21-mile upgrade of the A14 – will ease congestion seen on many routes in the area and as such, reduce harmful pollution in the region.

Improving air quality will also mean a welcome boost to public health, while businesses can also enjoy a road that makes the area much easier to travel to and from.

The whole project is expected to be completed by December 2020.

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