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Design-led solutions a key theme at Road Safety Week 2019
Design-led solutions key theme at Road Safety Week 2019

Design-led solutions a key theme at Road Safety Week 2019

Design-led solutions will be a key theme during Road Safety Week 2019, it has been announced.

Coordinated annually by Brake, the road safety charity, Road Safety Week 2019 is the biggest and most significant event dedicated to ensuring the UK’s roads are safe.

Each year, a different theme is chosen as a focus for authorities and in 2019, ‘Step up for Safe Streets’ has been chosen as the theme for the safety event in November.

The theme is a call to encourage everyone involved with guaranteeing road safety – local authorities, businesses, fleet operators, motorists – to ‘step up’ and learn, shout about and celebrate those important design-led solutions to help everybody get around in a safe and healthy manner each and every day.

The statistics associated with deaths and serious injuries on British roads are stark, and are a reminder as to why education on road safety is vital – something that Road Safety Week 2019 will provide.

Those statistics reveal somebody is either killed or seriously injured every 20 minutes on a British road, with all of these tragedies preventable.

During Road Safety Week 2019, it will be revealed how designs can result in less human error when driving on the roads, subsequently reducing death and serious injuries; in addition, design-led solutions can encourage walking and cycling, whilst also reducing pollution, therefore increasing public health.

Joshua Harris is the director of campaigns for Brake. He explained what the theme will mean.

He said: “Road Safety Week provides a unique opportunity, every year, to focus the public, organisations and policy-makers’ attention on the importance of road safety.

“With someone being killed or seriously injured on a British road every 20 minutes, each one a preventable tragedy, there is still huge progress to be made.

“We believe that it is everyone’s human right to be able to get around in a safe and healthy way every day.

“That is why this year, from 18-24 November, we want everyone to ‘Step up for Safe Streets’ and learn about, shout about and celebrate the amazing design-led solutions that can help us create a safe and healthy future for all.”

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