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Danish IT developer CPC TRACKING in Aarhus was founded by Carsten Bruun, Per Nielsen and Carsten Mølgaard.

CPC Tracking combine many years of technical experience, software development and business knowledge into a solution giving our customers a simple and easy overview. This overview helps with tracking, transport surveillance, planning, safety, maintenance, project management, optimize and cost reductions.

CPC Tracking


CPC TRACKING offers tracking, controlling, supervising and supporting solutions for the transport industry. The foundation for this builds on four basic modules.


With the wide possibilities offered by our product, we have customers within a wide range of the transport business.

Railway operators like Contec Rail

Building contractors like Arkil

Freight companies like Captrain

Here is what Arkil says about their reason for working with us:

We choosing to work with CPC Tracking is primarily due to 2 facts:

The Trackingsystem is optimal (maybe even ”unique”) in regards to registering our activities on the railway.

You are oriented towards development – and always listen to our suggestions regarding modifications or optimizations of the system.

Steffen Larsen
Section Manager Arkil Civil Works


CPC Tracking

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CVR: DK36421525

CPC Tracking