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Changes to TfL's Lane Rental scheme will make roadworks safer
Image courtesy of TfL

Changes to TfL’s Lane Rental scheme will make roadworks safer

Plans have been outlined by Transport for London (TfL) to ensure the road network is safer by making changes to the Lane Rental scheme.

The Lane Rental scheme, which discourages companies from digging up busy sections of the capital’s roads by charging a daily fee, will see a new Roadworks Charter introduced for utility companies.

It has already saved £100 million of lost travel in seven years and the changes to the Lane Rental scheme will reduce disruption by encouraging companies to plan works that need to be carried out outside the most sensitive times.

All the money raised is reinvested into innovations that help to reduce disruption caused by roadworks in London; over the past year, £6.1 million of money raised through the scheme has been reinvested into the road network.

The proposed changes will intend to make better reflect how London’s roads are being used; given London is committed to Vision Zero, TfL is planning to offer discounts to those organisations demonstrating high safety standards.

Reductions will also be offered for utility companies improving and extending assets so that London’s infrastructure continues to support growth in the capital.

TfL is working closely with the country’s largest utility companies on a new Roadworks Charter; this sets out targets for TfL and other companies working on the capital’s road network so that roadworks are safer and less disruptive within two years.

Thames Water, UK Power Networks, SGN, Cadent Gas and BT have all signed up to the charter.

Glynn Barton, Director of Network Management at TfL, said: “Roadworks are a vital and unavoidable part of keeping the capital’s complex utilities in working order, but we’re fully aware that they can be a pain for people using the roads, as well as a cause of danger, congestion and toxic air.

“We’re working very closely with the industry on schemes such as Lane Rental and our Roadworks charter to reduce the impact of roadworks and to keep people moving safely around the capital.”

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