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Caring For Your Aluminium Frames

If you read last month’s post on caring for your glazing, you hopefully now have sparkling windows, ready for the spring sun. However, have you paid any thought to your frames?

With gleaming panes in place, are dirty aluminium frames letting them down?

If so, it’s time to get out the soap and water again, and have windows to be proud of.

Aluminium Framed Windows and Door Maintenance

The good news is, aluminium frames need very little maintenance. Built to last, all they really need is a good clean every so often, to get rid of the grime that gradually builds up.

Other areas of maintenance include checking the fixtures and fittings, and ensuring all is working well. A touch of grease occasionally in the hinges helps dispel any water trapped inside, as well as maintaining smooth opening mechanism.

Cleaning Your Aluminum Frames

The most important aspect of cleaning your aluminium frames is not to scratch them, so it’s crucial you only use non-abrasive materials. Warm water and a mild detergent is all that is normally required. Use a soft cloth or brush to prevent any accidental marking.

Always start cleaning at the top of your frames; then any drips from above will fall on a non-cleaned area. Keep the water as clean as possible to prevent dirty streaks appearing – change it regularly.

If you come across stubborn stains, use a little paraffin based cleaner or a cream cleaner free from abrasive material. For really stubborn stains, some white spirit should do the trick. Finally, wipe well with a leather chamois.

To get that final shine, use a product specially designed for the job, or you can apply car wax for maximum protection – just be careful not to get any on your glazing. Steer clear of products such as T-Cut, as these will have an abrasive element to them.

What Not to Use

To protect your aluminium frames and keep them looking like new, never use any strong substance containing any of the following:

  • Chlorination
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Ester
  • Ketones
  • Polish
  • Abrasive cleaner
  • Wire wools and brushes

Cleaning The Tracks on Sliding Doors

There is nothing more annoying than having to force your door to slide open. To keep it gliding in show-room fashion, check for any objects such as stones that might have become lodged.

Then either use a vacuum cleaner to clear out any dust or small objects, or a pressure jet to blow them out. Try to do this every month

Next you should then apply a minimal amount of silicon – the spray version is the easiest to apply. Use where the wheels and guide discs meet the track, as well as on the running gear themselves.

How Often Should You Clean Your Frames?

How often you clean your frames depends on your environment. If you live near the sea it might be necessary to clean them 3-4 times a year to prevent a build-up of salt. The same applies if you live in a heavily polluted area. In a ‘normal environment’, once a year should be adequate.

The Result

A gleaming clean finish that not only looks great, but helps preserve the life of your aluminium frames.

So why wait – get polishing today!