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We develop and supply traffic management systems (TMS and CTC) to control, optimise and monitor railways in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

We firmly believe that good traffic management forms the basis for satisfied customers, better control, effective follow-up and more efficient operation. By linking sub-systems and getting the maximum benefit from existing infrastructure, we can see new ways of creating world-class solutions for a smarter railway.Cactus at a glance

Excellent TMS and IXL competence with strong foothold in the NordicsWorlds largest rail integration platform, developed according to EN 50 128 SIL 2In-depth knowledge in protocol implementationAgile partner with a swift innovative taking-care-of-business culture24/7 Service and support organizationLong experience

Cactus Rail is a new company with a long history. The company started up on 1 December 2015, but was a separate business area within Cactus Utilities from the summer of 2010. Its roots go back to 1992 when the first traffic management system, Cactus TMS, was delivered to Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) for the Roslagsbanan line. (This was through Cactus Automation.) Over the years, the systems for SL have been extended to manage both multiple railways and other technical systems.In 2005 we received an order from Lokaltog A/S to link and handle the operational management for five local lines in Zealand (Denmark).Since 2009 Cactus has been developing a variant of the traffic management system, Cactus CTC, which is an integral part of the Swedish Transport Administration’s type-approved Marksystem 11. We supply Ansaldo STS, with the Swedish Transport Administration as the end-customer. It is planned to implement the system over large parts of Sweden and it is adapted both for ERTMS L2 and for conventional signalling.At the end of 2015 we received out largest order to date for a sub-system to the national traffic management system for all of Sweden’s railways. Our customer is Alstom Transport and the end-customer is the Swedish Transport Administration.All types of interlocking

Cactus systems can communicate with all types of interlocking, both relay and computer-based. Our customers can therefore choose whether – and when – to upgrade to new signalling equipment.Integration with ancillary systems

Our customers’ infrastructure includes important ancillary systems for passenger information, planning, maintenance, traction feeding and much more. By linking these through our integration platform, we can create an even more effective infrastructure. This provides control over both today’s events and planned operation and maintenance.Experience is a must

We have extensive experience of traffic control systems. The first one was supplied to Storstockholms Lokaltrafik back in the early 1990s. Constant development means that Cactus TMS is modern, complete and proven.Using our own proprietary software we have also been able to offer customised solutions that are highly appreciated by our customers.Ready for Europe and the world

Cactus also supplies a completely new CTC system which is compatible with ERTMS L2. The Swedish Transport Administration is using the system to roll out the new European standard in Sweden. The first CTC system has been installed on the Haparanda line.The development work follows CENELEC standards EN 501 26, EN 501 28 and EN 501 29.Sub-contractor to international companies

We are constantly looking for assignments where we can act as sub-contractors to the major international rail operators. The jobs cover design, development, specifications, configuration, testing and commissioning.The Nordic market faces massive investments in the next 20 years. We are well equipped to help, and we are ideally placed, at the heart of the Nordic region.We keep our promises

Feel free to ask our customers what they think about us. “Deliver on time”, “Very knowledgeable”, “Easy to work with” and “Cost conscious” are some of the comments repeated again and again in our evaluations.

Head Office: Cactus Rail AB, Flöjelbergsgatan 1C, 4 stairs, SE-43 135 Mölndal, Sweden