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BVRLA reveal popularity of electric vehicle lease 'packages'
BVRLA reveal popularity of electric vehicle lease 'packages'

BVRLA reveal popularity of electric vehicle lease ‘packages’

The British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) believes electric vehicle lease ‘packages’ will grow in popularity this year, according to its Industry Outlook.

Representing almost 1,000 organisations engaged in vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management, BVRLA is well placed to understand the needs and the trends of the industry; its members are responsible for a fleet of almost five million cars, vans and trucks on the UK’s roads.

Vehicle rental and leasing is an important industry in the UK, supporting almost half a million jobs, and adding £49 billion to the UK economy each and every year.

Within the Industry Outlook, the BVRLA say that “the argument has been won,” insofar as the fleet industry is sold on a future consisting of electric vehicles, but the question is how and when this will happen.

Over the coming year, lease packages combining rentals, servicing, charge points and occasional access to alternative cars will grow in popularity.

In particular, the car club sector is expected to grow, given the urban air quality imperatives and shorter journey profiles that will provide zero emission car sharing with clear opportunities.

London has benefited from this already; where progress needs to be made is in the amount of appropriate and affordable charging infrastructure – a call that has been echoed by the National Infrastructure Commission.

Demand for electric commercial vehicles, meanwhile, is “huge,” according to Henry Brace at BT Fleet; there is, however, some work to do before the vehicles are available for complex commercial fleets.

However, John Lawes at Hitachi Capital, believes the “the future looks bright,” in regards to electric vehicles.

He said: “Electric vans are leading the way for last mile delivery.

“With new product coming on stream from 2019, the future looks bright for electric vehicles.”

Given the cost of ownership, leasing is already making an impact and this trend will increase over the year.

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