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Bristol City Council commit to carbon neutral targets
Bristol City Council commit to carbon neutral targets

Bristol City Council commit to carbon neutral targets

Bristol is the latest council to commit to becoming carbon neutral.

The Mayor of Bristol City Council is Marvin Rees; he has reiterated the commitment to addressing the ongoing climate emergency and the city’s transport industry will play a major part in the council’s ambition to be carbon neutral for its own direct emissions by 2025.

Britain has seemingly fully understood the damage that is being caused by the climate emergency and it has led to the government committing to eradicating its net contribution to climate change.

In addition, the beginning of July saw major energy suppliers Centrica and SSE commit to electrifying their own fleets, driving down emissions.

Bristol City Council’s proclamations follow those made by the likes of Manchester, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh – councils that are fully committed to reducing their own emissions.

The Mayor is planning to present an action plan in response to the climate emergency at the Full Council in July; the report reveals that approximately 60% of carbon emissions in Bristol are caused by imported consumption, with domestic fuels and transport the second biggest source of emissions.

A number of actions are planned or have already been undertaken, including a target of reaching 50,000 electric vehicles in the city.

And the Mayor said that it is “vital” for the city to take action immediately.

He said: “We are leading by example to bring Bristol together in the face of one of the biggest global threats facing our planet.

“We might be one city in the context of a worldwide issue, but it’s vital we take immediate action for our citizens and work with them to empower them to contribute, addressing any barriers along the way.

“Our response must be inclusive to ensure everyone benefits.

“The report shows our biggest challenge is consumption of goods and services from outside Bristol. This is a fundamental challenge to city government, corporations and citizens to take urgent action to change behaviours.”

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