Who are we?

ASSET International is the leading supplier / manufacturer of temporary vehicle restraint safety barriers in the UK. In addition we supply and install special low deflection permanent road safety systems, easy opening vehicular gates and crash cushions.

Our success is built upon providing cost effective solutions to client requirements, backed up by professionally qualified engineers. Our reputation and service is unrivalled and our products are fully tested and approved. This website details our products and services, use the links below for more information on our vehicle restraint systems.

Safety is our business...

Road Safety System Solutions

ASSET ZONEGUARD® The lowest deflecting portable steel highway barrier in the world.

ASSET M.A.S.S. Roll-on Roll-off road safety barrier - base unit is a steel barrier consisting of hot dip galvanised elements powder coated in highly visible safety colours.

ASSET VECU-STOP® maintenance free impact absorbing vehicle crash cushion system is based on more than forty years of experience in designing road restraint systems.

ASSET VARIOGUARD® - temporary steel highway safety barrier system - unique energy absorbing features and enables rapid installation at very competitive rates from our huge, strategically located rental pool of barriers.

ASSET SOLOGUARD® Emergency Crossing Points - is the only safety barrier for motorway carriageway crossover points allowing opening and closing by two operatives within 5 minutes.

ASSET QUEST™ CEN Low-cost lightweight bi-directional safety crash cushion system has been successfully tested using EN 1317-3 criteria for 110 km/h, 100 km/h and 80 km/h levels.

ASSET QUADGUARD™ CEN Quick and easy energy-absorbing bi-directional crash cushion system is designed to protect motorists in vehicles up to 1,500 kg, from roadside hazards as narrow as 610 mm and as wide as 2,285 mm.

ASSET CONCRETE MASS ANCHOR SYSTEM Ideal for anchoring Asset Zoneguard and Varioguard on installations where drilling into the surface is not possible such as over bridge decks.


REBLOC RB80A Permanent Safety Barrier - The RB80A_8_H2/W1 is a permanent concrete barrier system consisting of 8-metre long units anchored to the carriageway.

REBLOC RB84XEA Temporary to Permanent Safety Barrier - This is a concrete barrier system consisting of 8-metre long concrete barriers that are embedded 40mm into the carriageway.

REBLOC NB100/300 Integrated Vehicle Restraint System and Noise Barrier - The NB100/300_8_N2/W4 is a freestanding integrated noise barrier system consisting of 8-metre long concrete barriers topped by noise barrier units of equal length.

Multibloc TVCB Temporary Barrier - The barriers are symmetrical in cross-section and by turning them upside down can be used for either verge or central reserve applications.

Maxibloc THVCB Temporary Barrier - The barrier provides H4a (Very High Containment) protection and are designed to deflect heavy goods vehicles from temporary and permanent bridge supports, other vulnerable structures and amongst other uses, provide effective temporary parapet protection.

REBLOC RB60A Temporary Safety Barrier - The RB60H provides N2/W4 containment levels and is designed and tested in accordance with EN-1317-2 consisting of 12-metre long units.