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Kier to employ Carillion joint venture staff on HS2 and motorway projects
Picture courtesy of HS2 Ltd

Kier to employ Carillion joint venture staff on HS2 and motorway projects

Kier has confirmed the company will continue with the work on the HS2 and smart motorway schemes that were part of a joint venture with Carillion.

The fallout from the demise of the construction and services company continues to impact the industry, and as one of the largest organisations in the industry, the potential to slow projects down, or completely end them, are high.

But contractors have rallied around to try and avoid this. Carillion was one of the companies that was named as part of a multi-billion pound contract for the first phase of HS2.

However, Kier has confirmed Eiffage is now a joint venture partner, which will see the delivery of two of the seven engineering packages on the project.

Significantly, the 51 Carillion employees – including apprentices – working on the CEK HS2 joint venture will be given the chance to join the Kier/Eiffage team, while a continuous service will be maintained.

It is a similar story for the smart motorway projects; for those contracts that were contracted to a joint venture between Carillion and Kier, the latter has assumed full responsibility for the work.

As with the HS2 projects, employees working on smart motorway schemes have been offered job roles with Kier, with approximately 150 workers making the switch.

Kier has consulted with the existing supply chain so that there is a guarantee for the continuity of skills, resources and suppliers.

Mark Thurston is the Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd. He welcomed Kier’s announcement, which is similar to the commitment of Balfour Beatty on joint venture schemes that previously included Carillion.

“We welcome this decision by the remaining JV partners. Through this difficult time, the team has continued to deliver and we’re grateful for their ongoing hard work and dedication

“No time delays or cost implications have come about as a result of the events, underlining the strength of the joint venture approach taken by HS2 in procuring its partners.”

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